Existence, is a experimental project I explored during the development of my final project of my undergraduate study. I was really keen on developing a book based project  since I spent a lot of time in the bindery learning the craft of book construction and I always remember my tutors at AUB emphasising the notion of a book being an object. 
Following a theme of 'Excavation', I found that watching David Christian's TED Talk on The History of our World was a great source of inspiration. Learning about David Christian’s theory of Big History and universal evolution made me consider whether I could replicate this depth of knowledge into a graphic form. David Christian refers consistently throughout the lecture to the concepts of time and temperature. He acknowledges the changing of global temperature thresholds as significant periods of time and from this I had the idea to create a book using the thresholds as chapters and the physical pages to represent the uncovering of Earthly knowledge.

I developed my initial idea of a completely bound book and wanted to encourage more radical exploration of the book as an playful object as a well containing factual content. DIY clamp press was used to help bind the pages. Using only symbol, type and illustration, the reader is encouraged to follow the dot motif as the pin point to the next page.

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