"Fight" is an animated and illustrative sequence that visualises the song of the same name by Bristol-based band Sœur. The entire sequence was designed, storyboarded and edited by myself and fellow design partner Keisha; the project was inspired by our shared love for rock music and so we joined forces to create this animation as a submission for a university module.

This project served as a great challenge for both Keisha and myself since neither of us had animated to this scale before allowing us to combine our strong illustration skills to create an animation that combined both analogue and digital practices. 

During this module we were introduced to new skills as well as developing pre-existing ones to create this motion graphic sequence, primarily we were taught about storyboarding and stop-motion methods through rapid drawing, but more digitally we got to know Adobe Audition to edit the music sequence itself and further our knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects also. 

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