Fascinated by the unique shape and colouring of the dragon fruit, I created Fuego as a product that incorporates this strange flavour into an alcoholic aperol beverage.

The Fuego branding and packaging style takes inspiration from the Mexican and Central American origins of the fruit. Its leather-like skin has been more commonly aligned with that of the mythical beast of a dragon and from this history I translated the fire-like associations and branded the aperol as Fuego, the Spanish translation for flame. The packaging designs have been illustrated in a way that they depict the dragon fruit textures as well as echo the imagery of flames and fire. 
Available initially as a bottled aperitif, the dragon fruit aperol is targeted at the millennial generation since aperol style drinks are usually more of a seasonal trend in the summer.

Due to the bitter taste of the dragon fruit to reach a wider millennial audience I created a second edition of Fuego under the name Fuego Fiesta, a sweeter canned beverage using the yellow variant of the dragon fruit as opposed to recognisable pink.

Fuego Fiesta is aimed to be a more on-the-go alcoholic beverage, perfect for summer events and festivals or parties. 
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