Costume Design
For my final MA project, I decided to commemorate the longevity and musical success of the Rolling Stones; being a favourite band of mine, 
I proposed a design project that focused on 2022 being the bands 60th Anniversary. My outcomes included a costume design for Mick Jagger and a stage design located at the Levi's Stadium in San Francisco. 

The fictional performance that I proposed would be sponsored by Levi's as a brand with similar attributes and ethos to that of the Rolling Stones, I constructed the entire costume to echo the historical silhouette of the original Levi's garments Californian miners would have worn in the 19th Century (see image below). The ensemble is made out of repurposed denim, to highlight the Levi's ethos of "Buy Less. Wear Better' campaign to raise awareness of sustainability, and on a more personal note to acknowledge and celebrate the craftsmanship behind design.
Left image taken from O' Hara Callan (1999) The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers.

The following imagery showcases the visual journey of my ideation and manufacturing of the overall costume design for Mick Jagger, inclusive of sample techniques, screenprinting denim, fashion sketches, toile development and final construction:
Final pitch and presentation of the overall project, and below more final photography. 
Stage Design
Another aspect to the project was a stage design as it was necessary to contextualise where I imagine the costume to be presented. With the origin story of 19th Century Californian miners in mind, I wanted to digitally construct a stage design that envisioned the underground aspect of the job, so with that I thought to include platforms and lifts that would allow the Rolling Stones (particularly) Mick Jagger of course to roam the stage environment freely, enabling himself and the Stones members to be seen from all angles by the entire audience at the Levi's stadium which has a capacity of 68,500 people. 

Rolling Stones x Levi's Stage Construct - "Under My Thumb" , The Rolling Stones audio

Designer's Notes:
I really delved in deep into this project, particularly in terms of research and understanding the Rolling Stones as a musical collective, but also for Levi's as a culturally significant brand and for that I have to express my immense gratitude to Tracey Panek at Levi's and Ileen Gallagher of ISG Productions for helping me out and most definitely aiding the project's development. 

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