This a project that I worked on as an intern with live music agency, TALENTBANQ. I was tasked with creating a logo for their new venue, 
The Music Room, and the outcome was inspired by shapes of architectural features within the space upon a visitation to the venue itself.  
I created a set of logo options for the clients to decipher from and then on I made the necessary adjustments to further develop the design.
My initial logos focused on the most obvious architectural feature within the room: the windows, the chandelier and the centre-stage mirror. 
A part of the design process was to assess the legibility of the logo on different dimensions and contexts, given that a high proportion of the visuals were to be showcased on Instagram and so it was imperative to ensure the logo would complement the details of the live event without creating a hierarchy and fluid and comprehendable layout. Therefore this project showcases a depth of research, ideation, and application of that research and design development within a visual context.

After conversing with the clients and utilising my own design knowledge we came to the conclusion that simplicity is key and decided to use a rectangular shape that echoes the mirror at centre -stage back wall and to also further link the logo to their other venue The Camden Chapel, we framed the logo with a jack lead to create a consistent brand identity. 

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