The Synergy Stage is the result of a design project I undertook during my MA studies at Tileyard. The brief asked our class group to design a series of festival stages that visualised a musician's journey into the industry. My own design of the Synergy Stage encapsulated the essence of a finding a unique sound and the idea was loosely based on Descartes' theory of parallelism; the idea  that mind and body are mental and physical embodiments of cognitive and behavioural processes, I related this back to the experience of listening and making of music. 

The stage was designed within an interior space for a summer event hosted at Tileyard's campus in Kings Cross.  Throughout this projects duration I greatly improved my digital design skills, working with the Blender software I was able to create and animate 3D digital models of the stage with accurate dimensions and realistic set dressing abilities. 
My aim for the Synergy Stage was to create a sense of spatial awareness for the audience, to warp their perspective of space and abstraction but mostly to provide them with a sensory experience where they are able to distinguish between functions of the mind and body.

As you can see in the animation above, I constructed two perpendicular walls that were fixed with rotating blinds that each wall representing the forms of mind and body. To distort the perspective of the interior space, I applied a mirrored texture to the top face of each blind and to the underside, a white acrylic would be applied to allow the performer to project any chosen imagery or content onto the surface. 
When dressing the scene, I found that adding spotlights really aided my vision of creating a sensory experiment and encouraging the audience to focus on the cognitive and behavioural aspects of sound and performance, as you can see from the monochrome visual above.

I found this stage design project really helpful in developing my understanding of model making and 3D design, and as mentioned I really improved with my Blender skills throughout this project. It also served as a great opportunity to work within the physical work, designing to a specific space which I had never done before. 

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