Having grown up near the city of London I always felt a sense of belonging within the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan environment, I like the busyness and chaos of mundane life in the city. It was this sense of identity that I found inspiring and chose to write my undergraduate dissertation on.

I considered all the design features around London and I to realise that within most cities across the world, neon signage is also a prominent character within the societal landscape and so I chose to research my thesis into neon signage and how it can act as a metaphorical identifier of metropolitan landscapes and urban environments.

Typographics Cities acts as a visualisation and physical print of my thesis essay, allowing me to practice my print and book-binding skills. 
When dressing the scene, I found that adding spotlights really aided my vision of creating a sensory experiment and encouraging the audience to focus on the cognitive and behavioural aspects of sound and performance, as you can see from the monochrome visual above.

I found this stage design project really helpful in developing my understanding of model making and 3D design, and as mentioned I really improved with my Blender skills throughout this project. It also served as a great opportunity to work within the physical work, designing to a specific space which I had never done before. 

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