Hiya, I'm Isabel.
Hi everyone, welcome to my design portfolio, as mentioned I'm Isabel, often I'm nicknamed Izzie which is cool so call me what you wish. To cover a bit of who I am I am South London girl born and bred, an all-round creative, design specialist and keen crafter.

I am a total geek for typefaces and book cover design, I've adopted a great fascination for neon signage after writing my dissertation on the subject and I fell in love with observing city culture as a result of that also. As a creative, my skills lie in graphics and illustration but I also love to sew and screenprint. 

My favourite things to do are go to gigs and galleries, eat a lot to Asian food, drink lots of strong coffee and watch a lot of films, like most typical type enthusiasts I adore Wes Anderson and all his work!

Feel free get in contact for a chat, any form of connection is greatly appreciated, check out my socials and other links below.
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